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We serve the Greater Washington DC Area and look forward to serving you today!

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P.B.L.T- Our signature sandwich with our fresh smoked pork belly that is crisped up and served with juicy beefsteak tomato, romaine lettuce, zesty black pepper mayo and served on golden brown sourdough bread. *Our pork belly takes two whole days of preparation to make each sandwich! Chef Brandon cures his pork belly for one whole day and then [...]

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Chicken Cheese Panini

This decadent Panini has a generous amount of grilled herb marinated chicken breast, creamy havarti cheese, fresh basil and a thick layer of artichoke- cheese spread and serve it all on artisanal rosemary ciabatta bread that will make you order another to take home!

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Knuckle Sandwich

Our Grass fed beef is braised for 5 hours with a mire pox of vegetables and aromatics, pulled and mixed with our union gravy of beef jus and tender vegetables. We then complement this beef with grilled onions and a bleu cheese mousse to add even more richness to this massive sandwich. We bet you won’t get it [...]

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French Fries – Classic Sea Salt

Our signature crispy French Fries with imported Sea Salt from the Mediterranean to add a flavor that’s worth its salt!.

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