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truckBrandon’s Little Truck LLC was founded by Chef Brandon Ingenito and Aline Fernandes in 2013. With a thirst for a new beginning, Brandon and Aline developed a concept that would intrigue the palate and nourish the soul.


A rusty and dirty old 1988 Chevy step van was the start and backbone of the company. With much imagination needed, Brandon and Aline went through many designs and names to come up with something they were pleased with.


Our company’s mission is to provide an exceptional high quality product that uses fresh ingredients with superb preparation. To provide customers with simple, boldly flavored food executed with refinement.


We make gourmet sandwiches using fresh ingredients and proteins such as succulent pork belly, tender grass fed beef and crispy Maine shrimp. We also offer hand cut French fries; decadent as truffle oil, parmesan Reggiano and fresh rosemary or innovative as molecular gastronomic influenced bacon powdered French fries. We provide a seasonal menu and make all of our sandwiches with freshly baked breads.


Our Food truck is looking forward to serving you! Whether you’re in Rosslyn or Reston, we are eager to provide you all with a meal on wheels that will make you come back for more.


Brandon’s Little Truck would like to thank all families and friends involved with this project. Without all the support and hard work, this idea would not have been possible.


Our passion:

As much as Aline and Brandon love to cook and entertain, they love each other.  “I’d like to think every time I cook for a customer I’m using the same focus and passion for when I’m cooking for Aline”, Brandon says. The appreciation these two individuals have for food is incomparable. They live to cook and eat. “Every day is an opportunity to try and experiment something new together”, Aline says.




Chef Brandon’s Bio:

Chef Brandon has been bred into culinary excellence since he was a young boy. His father as well as his mentor chef Paul Ingenito sparked his passion for cooking. Chef Brandon graduated from the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY in 2008. He then worked in numerous restaurants for chefs such as Roberto Donna and local Virginian Amy Brandwein. His first Position was at the prestigious Ritz Carlton hotel in pentagon city at the Fyve restaurant lounge. At the age of 21, Brandon had landed his first Chef De Cuisine position at Kemble Park Tavern in Georgetown. Brandon’s next venture took place at the Central Intelligence Agency’s fine dining room.  Brandon played an important role of Sous Chef there for over two years. He has worked in restaurants, hotels, catering companies and corporate fine dining and now as a witty entrepreneur he is ready to take it to the streets!

“I love cooking as much as I love breathing, I can’t do one without the other”

- Brandon Ingenito




alineAline’s Bio:

Aline Fernandes was born and raised in the exotic Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She has spent her life with an indescribable passion for food and culture. She has traveled to many countries experiencing numerous types of dining; whether it is street food in Argentina or fine dining restaurants in Sao Paulo. Aline has acquired a unique palate for food and wine during her culinary experiences. With Aline’s business degree and hospitality awareness she brings her enviable pedigree to the heart of Washington D.C. and northern Virginia. She has teamed up with Chef Brandon to set out on her next culinary adventure.